Which radio will work with the QX3 350 quad?

Erik P.
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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 01, 2016

Erik P.
Hi im Erik and welcome to horizon hobby! How can I help you with the dx6 today?
Hello. I'm looking for a radio to work with my QX3 350 quad. I got it for Christmas and just now flying it. I have a hand-me-down Spektrum DX5e radio, but it doesn't seem to support some of the safe functions of the quad. Would the DX6 or DX6i be the way to go here? Which is good/best for a beginner?
Erik P.
i would say the dx6i is the best for a beginner for sure
With the DX6i, can I have the quad land itself? or is it capable of doing that anyway?
Erik P.
yes you can do all that
Great! Thanks for the help. Have a good day.