What kind of radio would I need to buy to pair the 200 qx?

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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on August 04, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the 200qx?
hi sorry
good day
what kind of radio would i need to buy to pair the 200 qx?
Joe C.
there are several choices
the dxe would be the most economical
a dx6i would also work
or a dx6 if budget allows
have you seen them?
Joe C.
I have several toy grade RTF quads
Joe C.
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
but have never program a radio before so
im not sure if its hard to get it right
Joe C.
for quads you can use simple "acro" (airplane) programs
whats the range of the DX6i?
Joe C.
farther than you can see (over a mile line of sight)
I suppose this works with the inductrix?
as well
Joe C.
Also if I were to install a FPV setup, does it have a cam power outlet?
Speaking of the 200qx
Joe C.
some guys just tap into the balance port of the radio battery for power
(the main power battery)
do you know what I mean?
sure sur
also, I believe you don't ship batteries to mexico?
do you know if there is a ground option for this?
Joe C.
not by air
in general You can see shipping options by clicking "add to cart" and then proceeding to checkout. You will then be given shipping options for your location with time estimates and prices for each.
kinda hard to get Lipo Batteries around here ; )
Joe C.
well Thanks a lot
Joe C.
you're welcome