What is a good multi channel TX for motor control?

Steven S.
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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on August 04, 2016

Steven S.
Hi there, I am Steven. How are you today? What can I help you shop for?
Looking for a multi channel TX for motor control and logic outputs on a RC receiver.
Steven S.
The DX8 Gen 2 can do that in order ot run motors you will need a speed controller that plugs in to the RX first then to the motor.
I have the motor controller that interfaces to two channels on the RC. I want to use a 3rd channel as a digital output to toggle electronics selecting other devices.
I have 6 - 2.4GHz RC receivers that I want to control with a single TrX by toggling a third channel, selecting which RC receiver I communicate with. ( Special project, not an airplane or car )
Steven S.
perfect you can use that with this radio no problem.
What RC receiver w/ digital outputs do you recommend?
Steven S.
This 8ch RX would be the one to take a look at.
Is there another method where I use a function on the TRX to select which RC receiver I communicate with?
Steven S.
Yep it does have model memory so you can switch between them.
That sounds easier; I have 1 TRX, link all 6 RC recvr to it, then select #1 control that motor set, select #2 control those motors and so on,,,
Steven S.
Yep that would be correct.
I can get you that right now.
so for 7 RXs your looking at 839.93
and for two TXs your looking at 599.98