Is there a buddy box available for the Spectrum 5 channel?

Michael H.
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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on May 31, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What great RC fun can I help you shop for today?
trying to find a buddy box and cable for spectrum 5 chanel
Michael H.
there is a link
Any other questions I can answer for you today?
can you buy just the slave transmitter or do es one have to buy a new transmiter
Michael H.
there is no such thing as a slave transmitter
it's two Spektrum transmitters connected together via the buddy boxing cord
ok thanks who sells the transmitter I am all futaba and it is for a friend
Michael H.
DX5 transmitter is no longer available as it was discontinued, are you wanting to connect the DX5 to a Futaba?
Michael H.
DXe will be your best bet as a trainer radio which replaced the DX4 and DX5 transmitters
ok thank you for your help
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!