does the STi Telemetry Interface work with the AR636a?

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Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about this item?
does it work with the AR636a
Joe C.
yes if you have the tm1000 module also
and appropriate sensors
but it is discontinued
do you realize that?
I probably don't.
I was just curious since having the 230s and dx6 gen 2 transmitter
Joe C.
most guys dont' need it because all the gen2 transmitters show that data
(and can set alarms based on the data- easier than having your phone)
(or tablet)
Ok, makes sense
have another question if you know a thing or two about the 230s
Joe C.
perhaps, what is your question?
when flying the 230s, using the stock dx6 settings in the manual, for some reason it will randomly go full negative pitch when the battery gets low
I know w/ the receiver it has a 25% cut off w/ low voltage, but this changes the entire pitch w/o me switching flight modes.
it causes an immediate crash and is frustrating. Luckily im mostly hovering when the transmitter lets me know I have 1 minute left
Joe C.
hmm, that is strange, I've not encountered that myself
Ok thanks for your time
It could be a servo issue too, but just seems odd
the front servo was in full extension which caused the pitch to be negative, but when I unplugged the battery and plugged back in, it reset to neutral and flew fine. Ill email them thanks
Joe C.
ok, you're welcome