Will the Kinexsis 22.2V 7 b000mAh 30C 6S LiPo battery work for the Carbon-Z® P2 Prometheus BNF.

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Shopper conversation with Dwight E. on December 15, 2016

Dwight E.
How can I assist you today
I was looking at a battery for the Prometheus Carbon Z and was considering this one rather then the 5000MAH. should this battery work fine
I bought the plane for my son for Christmas so I can check dimensions and things like that I see this one is a tad bit wider
Dwight E.
It should fit, but I check dimensions to make 100% sure
sorry but from what I understand the run time would be longer with this battery is that correct. Everything else should be about the same. Sorry I'm not battery savy like my son
Dwight E.
The only thing you should be concerned about is the CG of the plane.
make sure to shift the bigger batttery back to make the cg the same.
Also he has always used E-Flite batteries are these comparable or is E-flite a better option
Dwight E.
but yes you with have more flight time out of the 7000 compared to the 5000
ok great. I was wondering about the weight difference but cant find those figures in the specs
Dwight E.
The Kinexsis is a out standing pack for the money. I would suggest that one
OK thanks Dwight. I really appreciate your help. Merry Christmas
Dwight E.
No problem, just click on the link and it will take you straight to your shopping cart.
Thanks, lYou too!