Which Hitec servo do I need for my plane?

Steven S.
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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 02, 2016

Steven S.
Welcome RC Fanatic, how are you today?
How can I assist you with your sales needs today?
This servo will get the job done. You can even run it at 7.4 if you choose to.
sweet. not sure how you found that, it's not on the servo chart!
that's the ticket. I'll get two of these.
Steven S.
should I get a couple Hitech's to replace the specktrum tail servo's im planning on running, or you think they'll be ok?
Steven S.
I would think they would be ok since the wings take more of a beating then the tail servos do.
sweet. Thank you Sir!!!
are there servo arm's I'll need for the build?
Steven S.
do you want to run aluminum ones? the servo will come with the stock platic servo arms.
best possible
aluminum would be sweet.
Steven S.
This one will work great for that.
sweet. in cart
I've been out of the mix for about 9 months b/c i went back to school. I'm back in now that schools over. Is there anything else I need for this build?
to make it sweet?
I have the spinner and power 60 from my beast that I'm not using b/c I"m running a power 90 in it now.
any modifications, or upgrades you recommend?
Steven S.
None that I can think of. sounds like you got it all set up!
sweet. You've been extremely helpful. I'll get this ordered, and start brushing up my skills on the AS3xtra in the bakyard.
thank's Steve!
Steven S.
You're very welcome. thank you!