What is the difference between the chargers 50watt x 4? and 100w x 4

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Joseph C.
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this charger - what is the difference between 50watt x 4 and 100w x 4
does the 100w charge faster or something?
Joseph C.
Yes -100 watt can charge smaller batteries faster or larger batteries at a decent rate
What batteries do you generally charge?
1300mah 4S or 3500mah 3S
Joseph C.
OK - I would go 100 watt then
Joseph C.
so that's a high quality charger huh
Joseph C.
Yes - Dynamite is an excellent brand
What battery plug type do you use
mostly xt60
but some deans
i use adapters for my deans
made some
Joseph C.
OK - This includes - 2 EC3, 2 T-Type and 1 receiver charge leads
2 JST-XH and × Thunder Power Balance Boards
You would need additional 2 boards and 2 charge leads if you don't have them already
what do the boards do
Joseph C.
The balance boards
That is what the white plug on the battery plugs into
it doesn't have that built in?
Joseph C.
that's strange it's not built in
are there any chargers with that feature built in
Joseph C.
All chargers like this require a balance board
is the balance board microprocessor controlled
Joseph C.
Yes its is - And it there are different types - That is why you just can't plug into charger
ok I understand.
Joseph C.
Ok!! My pleasure helping!