What is a good charger for E-flite batteries?

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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on August 11, 2016

Joe C.
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I need help finding a particular part that will work with something I already bought from Horizon.
Joe C.
what is the product you need the part for?
I bought a Thunder Power battery charger and two E-flite batteries (model number EFLB32003S30). I cannot charge the batteries because I don't have the female connector that will attach to the cables that plug into the battery.
Joe C.
ok you likely need an ec3 with banana jacks
but thunder power balance boards use different style plugs
The charger came with wire leads that plug into it, but the ends that would connect to the battery have no connector. the connector is all I need. I looked and looked at the website, but none of the info says "this connector is for X battery."
Joe C.
you need Eflite/JST style connectors for eflite batteries
do you mean the main port or the balance port?
the main connector (blue) is EC3, which I showed you
I am new to RC, so I don't know. but I guess it is the main port because the blue connector looks like what I need. what is the part number?
Joe C.
can you click it?
*you can order it once you click it
Yes, I can click on the image you attached. But I already have the wires--I only need the female connector.
Joe C.
ah, ok you can solder these: DYNC0007
Thank you.
Joe C.
you're welcome