What is a good big power small motor?

Steven S.
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Hello! I’m Steven I have been a RC enthusiast for 7 Years. I help start a local RC Car Club.


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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on August 04, 2016

Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. How are you today? How can I assist you with some RC fun today?
i was looking for a new motor and esc for a project of mine
i was looking for big power small package
its an air boat
Steven S.
For that air boat. this tazer motor your looking at would be a great choice. it will have plenty of power for that application.
well i was thinking a little cheaper
do you think u could help
i like the idea of the two in one
Steven S.
Let me take a look at that.
look at what
Steven S.
look at what else we have that would be cheaper.
oh ok
Steven S.
The cheapest one we have would be this one.
how about a brushed option i do like this one though
Steven S.
That motor and ESC will be a good combo.
that sounds good but i have 2 more things i need help with
Steven S.
Yes of course.
i have a traxxas bandit
and when i try to drive it the wires to the motor are realy hot and the wheels spin kind of freely and the