What do I do if my batteries are not working?

Joe C.
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Joe C.
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when i try to charge my lipo battery i,m getting a yellow light and quick, repetitive beeps , got any ideas
Joe C.
that sounds like a bad battery
2 batteries are now like this
Joe C.
did you measure the cell voltages?
(do you have a lipo cell checker?)
cant device to measure give no reading
Joe C.
flew saturday
Joe C.
(do you have something like this?)
(do you see the picture?)
bigger than that
Joe C.
what do you mean?
I can't tell what is going on unless you tell me the cell voltages
its much bigger than that
Joe C.
I expect they are too low
so why wont they charge 44 is a loy of money for batteries that go bad so fast
a new battery would be no charge
Joe C.
if you drain them too far they can be ruined
is it possible that may have happened?
you need to set a timer to not fly so long
i,m a newbie i,m not flying that long
Joe C.
well I suspect that is the issue
youc an get a volt meter for free at harbor freight tools with a coupon
that can be used also
should this happen
Joe C.
it will happen if you fly too long
that's why it is important to measure the cell voltages at the end of every flight
they should never get below 3.8v per cell (11.1v total)
set a timer so that doesnt' happen