How do you activate a variometer sensor?

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Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the ar7350?
Joe C.
how may I assist?
i have the variometer sensor and want to activate it.
Joe C.
what transmitter do you have?
Joe C.
you'll need to enter the telemetry menu and select that sensor
it is a newer one and perhaps you don't have firmware which allows it, is that the issue?
i have the altitude show up in the tellimetry and I have set it for 0. And 400 ft
Joe C.
so are you saying you see the altitude change working ok?
no I don't see it when I am at zero should tone based on the setting
Joe C.
this vario isn't a "tone" producer type
it just shows rates of climb/descent
you can set alarms/alerts based on those values if you like
then how do I set it up to supply a feedback of somekind
Joe C.
(like say "climb" or "dive" when values go positive or negative)
do you know what I mean?
Joe C.
you need to see the rate of climb/descent on your transmitter
do you?
im on the ground in the setup area. How?
Joe C.
it is just a value
if you're not moving (onthe ground) it will just be zero
or nearly so
do you see the climb rate?
(you need to enable it on the telemetry menu)
which is why I initially said your dx7s may not be capable of doing that without an airware update
you can get updates here:
ok I will go there and attempt the firmware update.
Joe C.
Joe C.
you're welcome