How do I improve the voltage levels with the built in telemetry on the AR7350 7-Channel AS3X Receiver?

Mike G.
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Shopper conversation with Mike G. on June 03, 2016

Mike G.
Hello my name is Mike. How are you today? I m a sales advocate for How can I assist you with a great purchase today? Is there something in particular you had in mind?
Whattup? What item can I get to be able to use the voltage levels with the built in telemetry on this receiver?
Mike G.
I'll check for you.
Thanks. I've looked but can't seem to find anything
Mike G.
I do think that is the correct one.
It looks similar, but I need one with the EC3 connectors
Mike G.
There you go.
THat should do it. Does it autmatically know the low voltage levels when you plug it a battery, or do you have to program all of that in?
Mike G.
Let me chcek.
That is programmed in.
Cool. Thanks bunches
Have a great night
Mike G.
You also. I appreciate the chance to help.