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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 15, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the new products we offer?
do you have a fpv camera that has a battery in it?
Joe C.
do you mean just one that records?
(records only?)
no one that you can take off one thing and put it on another and it connects to goggles
no recording
Joe C.
the camera itself only gets video
do you also need a video transmitter?
none of hte cameras have batteries
but we do have two small cams that plug into small batteries that have integral video transmitters
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
one can use a small single cell battery
can u show me the battery
Joe C.
the other needs a small 2s lipo or receiver battery with a servo style plug
here isthe battery
do you see the ideas to the right?
that battery goes to the $55 camera
yup give me a munite to look at them
Joe C.
the $60 cam has bigger range
(up to 1000 ft
but youneed a ham license for that one
what is the diffrence with the heavy duty one and the 60$ one
Joe C.
1000 feet vs ~ 300
the heavy duty one goes 1000 feet right?
Joe C.
(line of sigth in ideal conditions)
the cord on it does that plug into the battery
Joe C.
it is intended to plug into an empty spot in a receiver
but if you want a stand alone unit you can use a battery like this
and solder a connector
or use a y adapter (also included in your ideas)
(just plug the two sockets and dont' use the third end if you dnt' want to sodler or rewire)
do you know what I mean?
i think
Joe C.
will this work with the heavy duty one
Joe C.
yes withthe parts I show to the right
(battery and Y harness)
so the little battery wont work?
so the little battery wont work?
the 150 mah/
Joe C.
not for the $60 camera
that will work with the $55 camera
so everything is in the camera for fpv right?
Joe C.
it gets and transmits 5.8 ghz analog video
is that what youmean?
you need goggles
so all i need to complet it is goggles right/
Joe C.
can you show me a recent cheaper pair?
Joe C.
do you mean goggles?
Joe C.
the teleporters are the cheapest we have
have you seen them?
do those show good video?
Joe C.
fairly good for the price
for intro use it's great
so the little battery will plug directley into the 55$ camera
Joe C.
and with the goggles u just surf thru channels or is their some kind of binding?
Joe C.
you can swtich channels on both camera and goggles
(not really "binding")
is there a on and off button on the camera
or do you unplug the battery?
Joe C.
no just the battery turns it on
what is the button on the camera
Joe C.
to change channels
how many channels does it have
Joe C.
ok one more question
how many channels does the goggles have
Joe C.
it will do all fatshark channels
ok thanks for helping me clear up some stuf
Joe C.
you're welcome