Does the Eflite 3200mAh 6 S Lipo charge at 9.6amps?

Joseph C.
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Joseph C.
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Hi there. With regard to this Eflite 3200mAh 6 S LiPo... it looks like I can charge it at 9.6 amps... is that correct ?
Joseph C.
That is correct!! 3.2 * 3
Can it be charged at less amps, as well ?
Joseph C.
Yes - If not in a rush, I still suggest 1C rate of 3.2
That is only 1 hour charge time with the proper charger
ok, got it... thanks. :-)
Joseph C.
You are welcome -
BTW - To get a full 3C charge, it requires a charger capable of 213 watts
I have your HiTec X4AC PLus
Joseph C.
OK - That has a max of 50 watts per port
Joseph C.
Which means it requires 70 watts for full 1C charging - You're charge rate will be a little longer than 1 hour
Question... do you sell a plane that is same size as the Carbon-Z Cub, but it's more of an acrobatic plane?
Joseph C.
Or Prometheus
Joseph C.
You are welcome