Will the Chroma Camera Drone work with a SJ4000 non WiFi camera?

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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 05, 2016

Steven S.
Welcome RC Fanatic, how are you today?
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Will this model work with a SJ4000 non WiFi camera? 1080p
Steven S.
No it will not work with that camera.
still there?
Steven S.
Yes I am still here.
Do you know another non GoPro brand that will work? Do you stock them at HH?
18080p or above
Steven S.
I'm sorry only the Gorpo 3/4 will work with this drone.
how does the signal get to the mk58?
Steven S.
The MK58 Transmites the video to the ST10 controller.
so it plugs into the GoPro?
Steven S.
The gimbal has a plug that plugs in to the gopro that then plugs in to the MK58 for transmission.
ok and that plug is whjy real GP is necessary?
Steven S.
Yes that would be correct.
ty for your time