Will the AR7700 receiver work on the Chroma Camera Drone BNF?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 02, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
Hi Mike. On the chroma BNF - will a AR7700 reciver work in this quad? I see the DX6i will work as the transmitter. Also is there a mobius mount (hard mount, not gimbal rather than the gopro?
Base question - what is the flight controller? HH special?
Michael D.
no mobius mounts sorry , and yes the receiver will work .
on the one you are looking at there is no radio
this one has a radio and it is the amazing st-10
No radio; however, there is a reciver (?). What is the actual flight controller (the IMU board?)
Michael D.
And the main control board is the esc's?
Michael D.
esc would run off the main board
That's what I needed. Understand much more now. Good price, gotta check the piggy bank. Thnaks much
Michael D.
you got it ! hard to beat $450 off,. hope to see you again soon before the sale ends :-)
anything else i can assist with ?
nope. gotta put my sales hat on :-)
Michael D.
Have a good night, best of luck :-)