Which quad racer should I buy?

Joe C.
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Flying R/C for 20+ years. Numerous awards in racing & combat. R/C Instructor, enjoy helping folks soar to their goals.


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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 08, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the vortex?
Good morning
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
you're not a robot or computer are you?
Joe C.
no, are you?
Not anymore,
Joe C.
good to hear
what's up?
Good to know I'm talking to an RC enthusiast. That's why I asked. So anyhow, I'm shopping and have a few designs in mind, I've been RC for three years and have an F210 Walkera and a DJI P4. Would like a stable but challenging platform to race.
Racing not popular here yet, but there's clubs and they meet up and I hear a lot of interest.
Joe C.
the vortex pro is our best race quad
have you seen it?
285 race quad kit?
Joe C.
no the BNF version
is is tougher and most versatile
do you see the picture? (can you click it to see details?)
I see
Tough is important of course, I'm gonna crash it
Joe C.
no on purpose
Joe C.
BNF so it might be compatible to this Radio I have?
Joe C.
all you need is a set of goggles, batteries and a transmitter
Joe C.
it needs a dsm2/dsmx capable radio (ie spektrum)
it would work with any 4+ channel spektrum radio
nothing special needed
you could get a dxe if you wanted a cheap solution
or get a used dx5/dx4 on ebay for $20 or so
I have some Dominator goggles, V3
Joe C.
I needed HDMI for the P4 but never tried it yet
So the receiver module should be no problem for the goggles.
Joe C.
this camera isn't hdmi, most racers dont' use that much resolution
but you can use them
Right, I meant for the Phantom 4 but I have something compatible
This racer you are showing me, it's pretty streamlined.
Comes with a battery, probably not?
Joe C.
no, "BNF Basic" does not include battery
(or charger)
I'd go with a High C value 1300 4s or 3s pack
or you could use up to an 1800 if you have one lying around to get going
I think I could handle a 4S
Joe C.
sure if you have other quad experience
it has 3 flight modes so you can pick one for your skills
I'm not saying I have a lot but I kind of have a knack for it. I'm old man, 49.
Joe C.
I don't own anything extraordinary
just the walkera and the P4
I need something challenging though, this looks challenging.
Joe C.
yes it's fun, I love mine
What kind of battery you use?
Joe C.
I have a few venom 1300 75c 4s packs
and some junk ones for just fooling around
This is 14.8 volts right?
Joe C.
but it works fine on 3s too
just not as fast
How does this compare to your 285 model?
Joe C.
more durable
the tubular frame on the 285 isnt' as robust
Mobius camera mount on no prob?
Joe C.
LED's on the rear?
or front?
Joe C.
and you can select color and blinking style
yeah I quickly read that
I'd have to buy a TX, and only concern is getting too much $ in equipment that
is not compatible with each other.
Some proprietary stuff is unavoidable I guess.
Joe C.
There a banner on the website that says Multirotor Mania, free extra battery.
Joe C.
did you have a question?
what does that banner apply to?
If this is BNF with no battery, the banner is saying something about a battery and it has the Pro price right by it
Joe C.
I dont' see it
can you show me the lik?
one sec
Joe C.
normally if you click on the blue banner it shows details for the special
I see it now
you get this battery free with a vortex pro: http://www.horizonhobby.com/e...
how is the control response?
Joe C.
very good
I'd like to flip it, barrel roll, basic acro
Joe C.
and you can tune it with clearview
I'm not familiar with tuning and clearview
Joe C.
there are several videos on youtube about it
no need to worry just now
the setup wizard gets you through initialization in 5 mins
then you can fly
Cool, got it
Joe C.
Is this company Blade or Immersion RC
Joe C.
immersion mkes it for license to blade
where does this fall on the scoreboard with the other Race Drones. Middle to top, top of the line?
I'm shopping a Storm Type A Pro V2 against this one
Joe C.
this tends to be heavy compared with state of the art
but super durable also compared to them
(trade off)
I see
State of the art would be like F210 Walkera?
Joe C.
sorry cant' say, not really
most of the top guys use their own frames and motor choices
Basically I want to make sure I kick the young guys asses in speed
I want to be honest though, I don't know a lot about this new technology, Freq hopping, tuning, etc
Joe C.
this is the best we offer in that regard
Receiver and Transmitter protocol.
Joe C.
this will use dsmx or dsm2
dsmx is freq hopping
but you cant' race more than 6 or 7 at a time so really not an issue
Devo7 must not be DSMX?
Joe C.
I doubt it
DSSS is a tx type?
Joe C.
dsmx is a protocol
Thanks for putting me on this, I'll read what I can and try to make up my mind. RTF version?
Joe C.
sorry only BNF now
Joe C.
here is the dxe if you want a new compatible cheap choice
you feel like you get good range on yours
Joe C.
picture quality is great too-- very suprising
I notice on my Walkera, I get a lot of interference at about 300 yards. Not a total loss but the screen blinks out, lines in the video, etc
This will flip and barrel roll?
Joe C.
You get a lot of altitude loss coming out of a roll? You said this was heavy compared to others I thought
Joe C.
it depends on your skill
I'm probably gonna go for it. Thanks Joe
Joe C.
you're'we come