What's a good fpv headset for vortex 250 pro?

James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on June 11, 2016

James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
Hello, what would a good fpv head set be that would work with this, looking for decent range and image
James H.
The 1st option I would look into would be the attitude set, then after that it would be the dominators.
Ok, I have a typhoon q500 now and looking to get into FPV, is this a pretty good quad? Or the Mach 25 is an option
James H.
The Vortex, I would say is more along the lines of a full on racing quad. The Mach .25 is nice but not, quite the same setup and bells and whistles as the vortex.
Ok thanks
James H.
You are very welcome.