What would be a good multirotor for a 9 year old?

Joe C.
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Flying R/C for 20+ years. Numerous awards in racing & combat. R/C Instructor, enjoy helping folks soar to their goals.


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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 28, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the cameras we offer?
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
No. I am looking for a multi rotor for my soon to be 9 year old.
So many choices, difficult to decide.
Joe C.
did you want live video streaming capability?
I am afraid to spend too much money if he treats it like a toy and drops it in the closet after a few tries.
video would be a nice to have.
Joe C.
I am concerned about him crashing it too quickly.
Joe C.
I often recommend the glimpse as a great intro quad-- it will stream video to a phone or tablet which runs a free app
the glimpse is fairly durable,have you seenit?
Are any of them easier to fly?
Joe C.
most are fairly easy yes
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
the juice is a new one but is the cheapest
the others are blade products which we carry most of
i see the ideas button.
Joe C.
great, can you click it?
Juice looks kind of small
Joe C.
Joe C.
it is mostly a "stocking stuffer" sort of item-- I only listed it if price was a main factor
the glimpse weould be my first choice
can you click it to see the video?
or can you click this link directly? http://www.horizonhobby.com/p...
trying the video now
Joe C.
how does it connect to the phone?
Joe C.
simply load the app and it will connect after password is entered
so I could use an old phone or ipad with wifi
Joe C.
How is it outdoors?
Joe C.
it is ok in calm winds
I wouldn't use it over 5-8 mph
battery life suffers
I guess this would be true with most of them
Joe C.
you'd need to go larger for good wind penetration
200 size or bigger-- (more expensive-- not the best intro for kids)
larger means more $$$
Joe C.
Joe C.
we have a 200qx fpv combo
not sure how much you want to spend
can you show me that?
Joe C.
you would still need a transmitter for it
and battery/charger etc
oh - looks like a lot of fun but don't think I can spend $600, my wife would kill me
Joe C.
yep, just checking ;-)
any others around the Glimpse price point or is this the best recommendation?
Joe C.
the zeyrok is popular but it doesn't have live video streaming
it is better for aerobatics