What is the range with the 230s and a Dx6i?

Mike G.
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Shopper conversation with Mike G. on June 09, 2016

Mike G.
Hello my name is Mike. How are you today? I m a sales advocate for Horizonhobby.com. How can I assist you with a great purchase today? Is there something in particular you had in mind?
Hi I just want to confirm that this bundle includes the radio/transmitter?
Mike G.
Yes it sure does. It has everything you need. I'd grab an extra batt or 2.
will do - I am buying this as a gift... if I buy the Bind and fly version for myself, I assume it will work with the DX4e but won't have a channel for the camera?
Mike G.
I assume the radio in the bundle isn't as durable/robust as the standalone radios?
Mike G.
You are correct.
OK thanks Mike, need to chat with the wife since this is for her son... but will be ordering later today... Do you have a recommendation for a starter/bang-for-the-buck vitual/point of view system?
I don't wan to go too cheap, or high end.. just the best value
Mike G.
Ok. Come ask for MIke G. I will see if I can get you 10% off.
OK - any suggestions on FPV bundle though?
Mike G.
Hold please.
Mike G.
There is a complete kit.
OK thanks - will do some reading... so when I order I should ask for you later today?
Mike G.
Ok. Thanks.