What is the best drone for kids?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 10, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
I would like to buy 2 Pc. But how about remote ? Are they will mix because it is same brand?
i have 2 boys need same item .'
Michael D.
you can bind one radio to each of them
these are BNF they do not include remotes
Michael D.
bind and fly. you will need your own radio.
let me get you the right ones
this is the one you want, with radio included., and no they will not mix
I need cheapest they are only 5-6 years
and I dont want to mix while fly.
Michael D.
there you go
So if I will buy 2 of that they will not confusion of controlling each .
Michael D.
correct , they will NOT. you can fly 10 of the same and no worry
how long they can fly?
Michael D.
8 minutes
ok how long need to rechrge?
Michael D.
15-20 minutes average
BLH7680 how about this one how long can fly?
Michael D.
why price?
Michael D.
you can get extra batterys for that one though
it is more because it is larger
this will come with 2 batterys each if you order today :-)
is it same batter?
for 8 minu?
Michael D.
correct , so you will get 2 8 minutes battery each
so if it's of i just will change and use another?
Michael D.
correct :-)
so for both items free battr?
Michael D.
correct 2 each
this is the ones you will need
this includes the radio controller
i like it. Could you help me to see others too. Can you send me a link for all your fly
Michael D.
safe for kids?
Michael D.
the one we were looking at ,. the NANO QX RTF
it is so much. Can you help me to advise kids for 5-6 years. Most inddor. + heavy duty + different color but same size + no mix remote
Michael D.
the blade NANO QX is best for you
only same colors
any heavy duty safe Fly it can be drone or any
need 2 different color
Michael D.
we do not stock different colors
BLH7680 item . in that video has 2 colored fly
Michael D.
the blue one is $419
Michael D.
you can do the induxtrix.
and request different colors at checkout
ok. I like it. Looks like more stronger
so they will not mix each other while of fly?
Michael D.
free shipping over $99. you will be at 98$
they will NOT mix
the ones you are looking at do not have radios controlers
BLH8700 price because of the size?
Michael D.
this is the one you need,
with radio controller and 2 batterys each
ok. Can you explain me what is the differance item: $49.99 and $69.99?
Michael D.
49 has no remote
69 has remote
if no remote how you can control?
Michael D.
have your own remote
and batt 4 extra 2 for each
Michael D.
ok ialso before to do youhave hoverboard
Michael D.
no we do not sorry
but message for different color?
Michael D.
you can call the sales team with your order number as soon as you place the order and ask them to send different colors.
Happy Flying :-)