What is the average flight time of the Chroma 4K Camera Drone?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 02, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
Curious as to the flight time and flight distance available with the Chroma Drone?
Michael D.
Average of 30 minutes and around 2000 feet
So a little over a mile?
Michael D.
correct. for the video feed, the quad will go further than that actually, but you will lose video.
Is the monitor of as good a quality view as say a iphone?
Michael D.
oh absolutely.
Is this unit comparable to a phantom 3?
Michael D.
In my opinion is it much better, newer technology and more features and better quality .
I appreciate your candidness. I want something that will provide good quality video and stability as well as a unit that is dependable and flight stable. I am new to drones so I want to make sure I am getting quality.
Michael D.
The chroma really is the top of its class. it is unbeatable in the categories you are mentioning.
I thank you and I will study your unit more thoroughly. Do you have distribution or are your drones only available from your location?
Michael D.
Sounds Great , we are here if you have any other questions :-) HH is a Distributor. we ship world wide.
Thank you again.
Michael D.
my pleasure :-)