Is the Zeyrok a good choice for a 13 year old?

Michael D.
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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 28, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an R/C good time ?
Hello, I was wondering if the Zeyrok was a good, durable choice for a 13 year old?
Michael D.
Absolutely. Great quad. highly durable
Have you had many great reviews for it?
Michael D.
All that i have heard have been great
Okay. Are the parts easy to replace?
Michael D.
Very easy
very straight forward
Okay-that is great. How large is it?
Michael D.
it is in the 200 class. 220 mm
I'm wondering because I have watched the video, and it seemed to cover the man's hand greatly
Okay. Do you recommend it?
Michael D.
motor to motor 9.45 inches
I highly recommend it , it is a great quad
That is fairly large! But, that's not bad. I appreciate your time. Have a great evening!
Michael D.
you as well.
Thank you!