Is the Chroma with the 4k camera a good drone for real estate?

James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on June 20, 2016

James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
Can the Chroma with the 4k camera be used for real estate?
James H.
Yes, it would be a really good platform to shot video and stills for real estate.
Can the camera point straight down?
James H.
It will point almost straight down it is only a couple of degrees off 180 degrees.
What is the range?
James H.
roughtly 170 degress, so about 10 degress away from deing straight down.
The geo fencing is set to 400 feet.
This can be changed to suit your needs.
What is the battery life like?
James H.
Video link range is: 1,970 ft (600m)
The average flight time is 25 mins.
James H.
The 4K will also allow you to shot slow motion video in HD as well.
This and along with the superior editing ability of 4K it makes it a really nice package for make some nice video's.
Can it handle some wind?
James H.
It sure can I have flown one in about 15 mph winds and it handled very well.
Very cool! How durable is the drone?
James H.
It is rather durable and if there were to be a crash replacement parts are avialable for it.
Just how reliable is the GPS?
James H.
as long as it is calibrated it will be just fine, but this needs to be done especially if you tend to use it in a lot of different locations.
If the GPS causes a crash, will it be covered under warranty?
James H.
The reviews that you see are honestly user error, The GPS is simply a location feature, it won't casue the Chroma to fall out of the air and it also does not have a avoidance feature, so for instance if you take off and fly around and end up behind some trees and hit the return to home.
What the Chroma will do is raise up an additional distance and start to fly back home, now it can not determine if there is something in it's way, so there for it will end up hitting that tree or object.
The full out control of the quad still lies in the hands of the operator.
The Chroma offers a 6 month warranty against any manufacture defects.
Will it auto land if the quad goes out of range?
James H.
If signal is lost it will start to return to home, and then land.
Cool! Thanks for your time! You've been way better help than any of the guys at m local hobby shop!
Have an awesome day!
James H.
I am happy to help anytime I can, enjoy the rest of your evening.