I am looking for a replacement battery for my Blade 350 QX3?

Mike G.
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Shopper conversation with Mike G. on June 27, 2016

Mike G.
Hello my name is Mike. How are you today? I m a sales advocate for Horizonhobby.com. How can I assist you with a great purchase today? Is there something in particular you had in mind?
Hi, Mike - I am looking for a replacement battery for my son's Blade 350 QX3
is this the only battery that will fit that drone?
Mike G.
Let me chcek.
That is the largest you can run but you can run smaller.
OK - thanks. I was checking because the original battery (same as this item) died pretty quickly - it won't charge anymore. I was wondering if there was a better one that I could buy.
Mike G.
I'll grab you a good one.
I was actually going to get it locally - need it today if possible
but thanks for your help
Mike G.
Ok. Sure thing. Thank you very much.