How do the Yunec Q500 and Blade Chroma compare?

James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on June 14, 2016

James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
Hello James....I was just trying to compare the Yuneec Q500 with the Blade Chroma...
I have a Chroma 4k and am looking at buying one for my father
and just happened to see the q500
wondering if there is any internal difference or features
James H.
They are very comparable to eeach other, both offer pretty much the same features as one another, however the Q500 is slightly larger then the Chroma itself.
ok so more a 500 size vs 450
does that mean the q500 would have slightly less flight time per charge?
James H.
That is correct, both do offer roughly a 25 min flight time the Q500 uses a 6400mAh 3s lipo and off the topp of my head the Chroma is just a bit smaller if I am not mistaking.
they actually said it was mislabeled and is also 6300
I'm thinking its same pack
James H.
You are correct both are using the 6300mAh lipo
so aside from the look and size...basically same camera, controller, gyros ect
James H.
That is correct, the controllers are the same, the camera as well is the same and the gyro's operate the same as well.
The only main difference is that the Chroma is supported by Horizon Hobby and the Q500 is support direclty by Yuneec
ok....thank you for the info.
James H.
You are very welcome, I am happy to help anytime that I can.
uh..if I place order now is it possible to have it deliver to Atlanta by the weekend?
James H.
Under standard shipping it would take about 2/3 days so it would most likely get there by Friday shipping tomorrow, if you had to have it by then, you could always select a fastershipping option such as 2 day to ensure.
James H.
You are welcome.