Does the Chroma Camera Drone with ST10 and 3-axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero have track and follow modes?

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James H.
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Hello James
for this version of the chroma does it have track and follow modes
James H.
Yes, the versions with the ST10+ will offer the follow me and tracking modes.
because i read in the questions area that this does version does not have these features
does the display show the video feed from the gopro
James H.
Those features are part of the ST10+ and it will send the video feed to the ST10+ as well.
oh this version is just the ST10 so then i won't have follow me or tracking or video feed with the ST10; correct?
James H.
You will as this comes with the ST10+ they are just not putting the + in the heading for some reason.
so i won't need to get a transmitter, antenna and cable to view the video with the ST10+
James H.
That is correct you will not, it comes with the MK58 which plugs into the camera and then transmits the video back to the ST10+ transmitter.
ok so the MK58 plugs into the gopro
James H.
That is correct there are a series of 3 connections to be made for it all to function.
ok thanks
James H.
You are very welcome.