Is there a headset available for the Chroma Camera Drone?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 28, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the chroma?
Is there a headset available for this craft? If so could I get a quick price break down.
Joe C.
sorryno headsets are for "fpv" use
they work on analog video (usually 5.8ghz for components we offer)
this drone uses 5.8ghz wifi signal to appear onthe controller screen
Hmmm It looks like a nice machine. I'm interested in a machine with fpv. I'm new to the drone field and am interested in the fpv quads. The idea of a handheld screen seems like it would be difficult getting a good picture with the sun reflecting off it. The FPV appears to be more immersive and I would think the picture observed by the operator would be sharper.No?
Joe C.
goggles are nice for the immersive experience yes
I suggest trying a pair, have you seen them in person yet?
to you intend to race or just fly around?
No I haven't other than facebook videos and images seen in drone magazine, to which I subscribe. Any suggestions on a ready to fly set up such as that? I wouldn't be buying today but I will definitely be purchasing one in the near future and it would be Horizon Hobbies thar I would deal with. I've dealt with Horizon several times in the past and consider your company reliable and reasonable.
Joe C.
ok I would suggest a higher end dominator series v2 or v3 or even HD goggles for what you describe
but they don't come in RTF combos
you you would need to setup a camera and video tX to go with it for best camera resolution for picture quality
the intro combo packs come with lower end goggles
I think you are desiring more resolution
My first interest is to fly and record and racing is something I will try once I'm comfortable with the machine. Thanks I'm going to look at what you have and I'll be back sometime later today or tomorrow morning with more questions. Thanks Joe you've got me headed in the right direction.
Joe C.
you're welcome
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