Does the mach 25hv better fange than the 200qx?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 14, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an RC good time ?
Can i get a deal on a mach 25 an a transmitter?
Michael D.
Radio transmitter or video transmitter'
Need a radio for it,just the basic
Michael D.
there you go
Thanks,,what is the signalrange?
Michael D.
It is a full range Transmitter
Does the mach 25hv better fange than the 200qx?read some complaints about range on 200qx
Michael D.
Yes it does. made for racing, can not allow any signal loss :-)
Cool thanks:-) ,so it would no problem if i add a fpv cam upgrade with the extra 50grames?
Michael D.
i think you will be just fine with that amount of weight :-)
Thanks,,:-) talk to you later,, why is the on line service more helpful than some of the phon people at horizon? No ofense,just currious
Michael D.
i could not say , we are more directed towards product info , so we only have one job,. they have many :-)
Well let me look this thing over. Thanks