What is a good beginner BNF helicopter?

Joe C.
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Joe C.
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Good afternoon joe
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
Looking to burchase BNF heli. Have couple scouts and mcx2 that I've learned on. Trashed them with newbie crashes
Joe C.
did you still want a beginner class heli?
Want BNF to get better trans than kit. Upgrade heli level. And I've seen the " training gear" that seem to be compatible with some models. That would have helped learn.
kinda looking with guidance. "Next level" from the coax I have
Joe C.
the issue with the "training gear" is that they are not recommended with any of the new "SAFE" helis
(they induce oscillations)
do you now what I mean?
No but if it's not a good idea then that's what is is
Joe C.
SAFE has 3 axis gyros and more auto levelling than non SAFE
just saw some vids with low level hover and maneuvers sliding along ground without tipping and blading the ground
im still a beginner really
Looking at specktrum 6e?
undecided anout heli. Info overload, coax, fly bar, flybarless,
Joe C.
for beginners stay away from CP helis
and generally smaller ones are better for crashing
actually I often recommend QUADS to first learn basic "heli style" flight-- they are MUCH more durable for basic learning
have you considered that?
I have a yuneek typhoon g
Joe C.
the small quads like the inductrix and nano qx make great heli trainers
have you seen them?
Really want to just upgrade scouts & mcx2 to a level up
Joe C.
is your complaint that the mcx2s get trashed?
(thes will Not)
Well my kids and I dinged it up. I've smoothed blades and replaced outer shaft and gear. I think the airframe is warped or something as the outer shaft gear won't engage with motor gear. Everything looks ok but now that I've learned from mistakes flying just start over with new bird.mhatedmto get more of same
Joe C.
for a better radio I can recommend the dxe or dx6 (black)
these are durable (no swivel antenna) for transmitters and full reatured/full rannge
the dxe can be programmed with a optional cord to a pc or smart phone
but only holds one model at a time (vs 250 for the dx6)
Ok, now pair me a bird. Smallish. Would like to fly indoors
Joe C.
blade 120s would be ok for learning
or the nano cps for advanced cp
both offer SAFE
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
Would like to pair multiple so I can still use with scouts and mcx2 if I get it going
Joe C.
ok the dx6 is a much nicer radio if budget allows
Joe C.
nano cps is cp
120 s is not
120s would be much easier but both feature SAFE (panic button)(
are you familar with sAFE?
What is cp.
Read about safe, I need that. O Chit button?
Joe C.
collective pitch
not recommended for beginner, CP, right?
Joe C.
and you don't recommend training wheel So?
Joe C.
Ok. I go with 6e & 120
I mean DX 6
Joe C.
Thanks Joe. Appreciate help !
Joe C.
you're welcome
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