I need a multi port battery charger for blade 120

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 08, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the chargers we offer?
looking for a multi port battery charger for blade 120
Joe C.
we have a few options, just a moment
this is a popular choice
have you seen it?
just looked at it? more than what I need, what other options are there?
Joe C.
more than what you need in what regard do you mean?
you can't really get a multi port charger for less
other 2 or 4 port options will be more expensive
here is another choice
so for your few options this is the only multi port charger? got ya, this is the lowest priced. What I ment is that I don't need displays or adjustable charge rates or multiple connectors. Are you saying this the bare bones model and everything else is more money, more features?
Joe C.
copy that
Joe C.