Does the 270 cfx come with a controller?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 10, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the 270cfx?
Yo Joe
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
yep, I do need to get controller?
Joe C.
yes this does not come with one
are you learning to fly helicopters?
I been coming up thru the ranks, gone thru many. Why is this called Basic?
Joe C.
"BNF basic" means it does not come with a battery or charger
(BNF normally would)
hmmm can I use myu Blade choma charger?
Joe C.
that doesn't allow varying of the current, we have better options that wont' harm the battery
the kinexis 80w is a good versatile one and good value for the dollar/power ratio
have you seen it?
I will more than likely get some airplanes and such, I need a versatile charger
Joe C.
ok, do you see this one?
Joe C.
can you click it to see details?
it can charge up to 6S lipo packs
What about some of the battries for say a p51 bnf?
Joe C.
yes it can do them also
do you mean the 2200 3S packs?
So pretty much anyd rc battery
Joe C.
anything up to 6S and 3200 to 4000mah
large 6s packs will take longer-- then you'd need more power
but for the mid size planes it's a great value
Does it have all that I need to charge?
Joe C.
it comes with connectors
ok, is the copter considered a pro level
Joe C.
So can I get a package deal if I get it all?
Joe C.
are you planning to order now?
Not sure, what higher level copter is there?
the 300?
Joe C.
the 300 would be the only other large choice
why is it less money?
Joe C.
the 270 offers SAFE features
Safe features do What?
Joe C.
beginner/expert flight modes
and panic button-- which is popular
cool, so I think I need a 9 chaneel c0ntriller?
Joe C.
6+ channels
what do you havenow?
you can run it with a dx6i if you like
there is a setup chart in the manual for all radios we offer
nothing yet but I want to be able to expand into say bombers 4 engine
Joe C.
ok well yes a dx9 would be a great choice for future upgrades
So what kind of package deal , So i can fly asap
Joe C.
we do have a 10% promo code active, I can give it to you if you give me your email to sign up for sales notices from Horizon.
It is good for all in stock orders over $99 except Traxxas products. Would you like to do that?
What am i looking at?
Joe C.
please click the items at the right
then you can "add to cart" to see the total
you will get free shipping and no tax to you in WA state
then take 10% off that
What about batteries?
Joe C.
for the 270?
Joe C.
ok hang on
this is the recommended one
OK list all the stuff to get me in the air
What about controller charger?
Joe C.
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
they are all listed there
Joe C.
can you scroll right to see the "ideas?"
I've been adding them as we chat
Joe C.
can you see my cart?
Joe C.
sorry no
ok I have charger battery and 270, what else
Joe C.
I suggest the 270 itself, maybe 3 batteries, the dx9 (comes with battery/charger) and the kinexis charger
the kinexis charger is for the cantroller?
Joe C.
no, it is for the 270 batteries (and many others down the road)
ok so I just need the dx9, the copter and 3 batteries?
Joe C.
and the kinexis charger
the kinexis comes with the dx9?
Joe C.
the dx9 has its own battery and included charger
(only for the dx9 battery)
it's a universal wall charger
So I dont need a separate charger for the aircraft batteries
Joe C.
only hte kinexis
k What are the competitors "like copters" why do I want this one?
Joe C.
not sure what youmean
this has SAFE tech, and it's a good value
we offer only Blade helis
ok so to recap, dx9 controller, 270 and 3 batteries (charger included)
Joe C.
AND the kinexis
(NOT included)
you need to get this also:
or a similar charger
How much is the dx 9?
Joe C.
do you see the ideas to the right?
(all prices are listed)
dont see the dx9, looking
Joe C.
can you click the picture?
OK Joe thanks so much. Talk to you soon, have a good day
Joe C.
you're welcome, you too