Do the 120S and the Cub S feature the same transmitter?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on May 31, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
I'm looking at picking up the 120S heli, I already have the Cub S w/ Safe, they don't feature the same transmitter/controller, do they?
Michael D.
i do not think so , but the one you have for your cub will work great
Didn't want to buy the RTF when I could get away with purchasing the BNF version instead.
Michael D.
you sure can
Ah, Ok, so I could just purchase the Bind N Fly variant and bind my cub controller?
Michael D.
it will work without issue
are you looking to purchase now ?
Probably in the next couples days, still weighing in.
How's it deal with light winds?
Michael D.
it is great , i fly mine all the time still. i love the 120/ it can take some wind without issue
The BNF option might open up some bigger options as well.
What would be your recommendation for a first time heli pilot?
Michael D.
the 120 is perfect for a beginner
plus with SAFE it is hard to crash:-)
I've finally gotten the Cub S on Expert High Rates down, but where I fly is usually evening to night at the courthouse by my place, usually no wind but occasionally a little.
Michael D.
Heli is alot different than plane, but once you understand the orientation, it is easy . the 120 is very forgiving . Perfect starter heli. and tons of fun
Awesome, that's great, just makes it even more affordable.
Michael D.
Agreed :-) i can help a bit too. if you want to purchase today with me, i can take 10% off and give you free shipping as well.
Really? Well that's pretty tempting.
Michael D.
Hard to beat !
Yeah, let's go ahead and do it.
Michael D.
Sounds good,. go ahead and add to your cart and i will get you a code.
Done. Any recommendations on extra parts considering the first time heli pilot?
Extra batteries are a must of course.
Michael D.
Will the Cub S USB charger work on the batteries for this on as well?
Michael D.
blades and gear ,. let me check the charger
it is going to be a different charger, but it is included
Michael D.
did you find the battery or need a link ?
500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery
These guys right?
Michael D.
correct :-)
Michael D.
Great choice, you will love it. i have the original 120sr and the new 120s , they are awesome helis.
Thanks for all your help!
Michael D.
my pleasure. i can stay with you while you checkout to make sure it goes smooth.
Great , Happy Flying !!
Thanks very much for all your help!
And for the coupon code of course
Michael D.
It is my pleasure, Have a great day :-)