Can I get an adapter to connect the battery to the charger for my Blad Mcpx helicopter?

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Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
Hi Joe I just got a UMX b-25. Do you carry an adapter to connect the battery to the charger I use for my Blade Mcpx Heli (the 1S battery with the larger connector?)
Joseph C.
Yes - This is that extension -
Let me check it out...
Joseph C.
OK - Here's another suggestion that I use -
I have a quad charger already - that's what I want to connect the b-25 batteries to. I built a cable that does 2 MCPx batteries in parallel, I want something to connect the b-25 batts to that setup. It looks like the first link might be the ticket, but the picture isn't that clear...
Joseph C.
OK - Use this then -
6 at a time
I use that also
That's pretty cool. The left end of the first link you sent fits in the bottom socket of that link?
Joseph C.
Do not need the first link then
Battery plugs directly into this
Yes, but $3 is cheaper than $14.
Joseph C.
I see- Yes - The first plugs into this USB charger -
I know from the picture that the Mcpx batts will fit in the plug on the bottom of the picture.
Joseph C.
There is no adapter from the MCPX battery charger to the B-25 size
Is the larger connector on the 25 0 mAh 1S to USB Carger adapter (the first link you sent me) the same connector and sex that is on the Mcpx battery?
Joseph C.
It is not - That is the smaller B-25 battery size only
So both sides are the smaller one?
Joseph C.
Yes - That plugs into the USB charger that I showed you
We have nothing to go from MCPX size to B-25 size
Looks like the 6-way bad daddy.
Joseph C.
Yup - REally is the best way
Ok, thanks for your help.
Joseph C.
You are very welcome
I'm good. Bye.
Joseph C.
Have a great night!