Are the servos on the Night 230 S BNF Basic steel gear?

Michael D.
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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 28, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an R/C good time ?
are the servos steel gear servos
Michael D.
yes they are
is the price of the copter with out radio
Michael D.
That is correct , you will need your own radio
I have changed most of my copters to steel gear so would you say this one could take some good bumps without falling apart
Michael D.
Absolutely. it is built very solid and durable.
It is the most popular we have for thatreason
\as far as up grades what would you sugjest
Michael D.
my opinion is nothing, it is built very well and stands up to the hardest of 3d with ease, i have found nothing that needs to be upgraded