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James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on December 31, 2016

James H.
Hello, My name is James and I am here to assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs. Can I answer any questions about them?
would recomend this truk?
James H.
Are you referring to the 1/10 TEN-MT?
James H.
It is a very nice running truck, I would recommend it.
are the shocks metal?
James H.
Let me double check for you.
James H.
They are not, they are a composite plastic.
is that strong???
James H.
They are rather strong,.
do you know any rc cars tht are good with extra lipos and a decent charger under 50
James H.
Unfortunatley not in that price range.
would you recomed nitro rcs
James H.
I am a fan of the electric, but the nitro perform well and are still rather popular. I feel they take a little more skill in getting the engines tuned.
what about gas
James H.
Gas, is considerable better and less required to get them tuned.
They tend to be used on the larger size trucks like the 1/5 scale.
oh thankyou