Will this Fuze 550 BL Motor fit the ECX Torment 4x4, and what would the best radio be for it?

Steven S.
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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 23, 2016

Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. how are you today? how can I assist you with the Fuze motors?
Will this fit in the ecx torment 4x4
Steven S.
Yes that will fit in that truck no problem.
Just a sec
What would be the best radio system for the ecx torment 4x4
Steven S.
I would say the DX4c would be a great choice. let me pull that up.
What about the dx
The dx4r pro
Steven S.
That is a great radio as well. If your racing that would be the one to get.
Now what case do you use to cover the dx4r pro
Steven S.
This case will be perfect for that radio.
smaller case
Steven S.
We have this bag as well.
Do you have a Spektrum Surface Transmitter Soft Case
Steven S.
No i'm sorry I do not see a spektrum branded soft case.
What is the difference between the dx4r pro and the dx4s
Steven S.
They will both do the same things. the DX4R will have some more programming for racing like ABS.
Is ads needed for racing
Steven S.
No you can get by with out using ABS.
How does ads work on a rc
Steven S.
ABS is a Anti-lock braking system so you can hit the breaks before a corner and the wheels will not lock up.
Ok thank you