Which batteries are compatible with the Ruckus 4x4?

Evan R.
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Shopper conversation with Evan R. on January 07, 2017

Evan R.
Hi there. How can I help you today?
Yes I recently bought the ruckus 4x4 and am looking to upgrade to better battery but not sure which ones are compatible
Evan R.
Thats great!
It can support 2-3 cell lipos
You could get a 2 cell lipo.
Ok do u have any u suggest
Evan R.
Please see our battery finder
We have lots of 2 cell lipos for cars to choose from.
Ok thanks
Evan R.
You want a ec3 connector 7.4v with a hardcase
With a lipo battery you will have to always charge it with a lipo chrager
Thank u
Evan R.
Do you have any other questions for me today?
Evan R.
Ok have a great rest of your day.