What is an inexpensive and rugged off road truck and slow enough that I can play with my 3 year old son?

Erik P.
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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 04, 2016

Erik P.
HI im erik and welcome to horizon hobby! how can i help you with your rc needs today?
I'm looking for something inexpensive and rugged and slow enough that I can play with my 3 year old son
Off road truck
Erik P.
this one is the absolute perfect one that comes to mind
super durable
descently quick
absolutely perfect for you
Can it be slowed down so that a 3 year old can practice with it?
Erik P.
Awesome. Thanks for your help. Do I need to get a battery? If so which one is best for my application?
Erik P.
it comes with everything you need to get running
What if I want to go faster what's a good lipo for it?
Erik P.
you can always upgrade
i sugest starting out with everything stock
Ok. Thank you very much!