What is a good RC car under 400$?

Michael D.
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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 28, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an R/C good time ?
what do you think of traxxas rustler
Michael D.
It is a cool truck
How can i help today ?
im looking for a car under $400 that is rtr and goes over 60 with a 3s lipo in it that is a street car suggestions?
Michael D.
I wold go with the Ruckus
Add some street tires
does this come with a battery and outlet charger
Michael D.
yes it does, everything you need in the box
Michael D.
you got it ! Are you ready to order now ?
not yet are there any other cars that look like a car and not a truck
Michael D.
we have many to choose from
i want a very fast car under $400 that is rtr with outlet charger and looks like a car not a truc
and i want it to come with the car battery
Michael D.
can you send me the link to the 2wd ruckus
Michael D.
if you have any other suggestions please send them to me
Michael D.
there are a few morte options for you
hoe fast does the 110 Ruckus 2WD Monster Truck RTR out of the box and with a lipo
Michael D.
25-30 MPH
what about with a lipo
a lipo 3s
Michael D.
35040 MPH
how fast does the other 4wd ruckus go with a 3s lipo
Michael D.
you will see 50+ MPH from the 4wd brushless version
does the 4wd ruckus have any other color schemes for the shell
Michael D.
how is ECX compared to losi and traxxas
Michael D.
Excellent , great entry level quality
is the 4wd ruckus waterproof
Michael D.
yes it is
Anything else i can assist with ?