RTR setup, 1/10 scale truck

Joseph C.
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Been in the RC hobby for 3+ years, own 30+ products. Worked in hobby retail for 2. Flying RC models...it's a passion !!!


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Shopper conversation with Joseph C. on June 14, 2016

Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
Joseph C.
I am looking for a complete RTR setup, 1/10 scale truck
for my dad to bash around for fathers day.
Joseph C.
OK - Any preference type of truck? Price Range?
It will mostly be used to terrorize geese off the lawn.
Cheap is good
he is a retired guy
I figured he could sit on the deck and terrorize from a distance.
Joseph C.
OK - Then look at this - http://www.horizonhobby.com/p...
are all the ECX cars tha same? minus tire tread?
i see minor price differeces, but not sure whats different under the hood
Joseph C.
For the most part, yes - POwer components the same
In 1/10 scale
1/10 is big enought to bring the terror
whats the range on these?
I am thinking the AMP MT looks like it has better tires for grass use? Thoughts?
Joseph C.
Well further than you can effectively see it!!
my last Rc car was my hand built RC10T when they first came out some 25 years ago.
Joseph C.
A Ruckus may also be good then
ruckus looks amazing
just wondering why its more expensive?
Joseph C.
Not sure exactly!!
Circuit may just be reduced to move product
ok but the ECS is legit? no crap?
Joseph C.
Correct! ECX is hobby quality and not toy quality
25 years ago it was associated, losi, kyosho, or traxxas
I see they are still around but a lot more than my dad will need.
Joseph C.
Yes - I think he will be happy!
Awesome! ordering now! Thanks.