Is the vPRO-MT Performance 2WD Monster Truck Kit a good truck?

Steven S.
RC Expert

Hello! I’m Steven I have been a RC enthusiast for 7 Years. I help start a local RC Car Club.


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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on July 27, 2016

Steven S.
Hi there, I am Steven. How are you today? What can I help you shop for?
hi would you recommend this truck
Steven S.
Yes the Pro-MT is a great truck. You will need to get a radio sytem, motor, esc, servo, and battery for it but it runs great.
is it good for the price
Steven S.
Very good. I have the Pro-2 short course truck and that runs very well.
what kind of paint would you use to paint the body
Steven S.
You will need to use Tamiya PS paint. anything else will chip off.
can you show me it
Steven S.
There is a link to that.
thank you
Steven S.
You're welcome.