is the 110 4-Pole 4000Kv ESCMotor Combo a good brushless motor?

Cory N.
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Shopper conversation with Cory N. on June 14, 2016

Cory N.
Hi there! How can I help?
um will this also fit power cell
Cory N.
Yup! Also up to a 9cell NiMh.
and is this a good brushless motor
Cory N.
Absolutely! May I ask what it will be going in?
traxxas slash 2wd
Cory N.
Would make it a rocket!
really !! could it break anything in the car
Cory N.
If you are to quick on the throttle it might strip the gearbox so just don't punch it too many times in a run.
alright not that hard i don't punch it to much
so any idea why its so cheap
Cory N.
I get that question all the time. Its just because its not one of those big name brands like traxxas or Castle creations. Still delivers the same quality and power.
oh i got you thank you so much
Cory N.
No problem!