How good if the Slickrock?

Mike R.
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Shopper conversation with Mike R. on June 08, 2016

Mike R.
Hi this is Mike how can I help you have some RC fun today? Did you have a question about the Slickrock?
yes what do you think about it
Mike R.
For a 1/18 crawler it's really sweet, are you looking for a mini?
It looks good to me at the price point, but another shop said it was very small
Mike R.
Yes 1/18 is small, but it's very capable
it is for my 11 year old
Mike R.
Have you looked at this one?
I originally was looking at the traxxas but it seemed like the majority of those where designed or at least marketed to go 45 -65 mph down the road, which one requires a spot and two I think might get old
Mike R.
Oh ok gotcha, well the night crawler is a 1/10 scale crawler which is a lot bigger and also has some cool LED lighting, great truck
does that have the same specs as the other one in terms of metal housing and gear locker etc...
Mike R.
Yep a lot of the same features and specs
that does look cool any other suggestions
or is that your #1 pick
Mike R.
Well for a rock crawler I would say it's one of my top picks, also the Ascender is a killer truck, more scale, little more expensive
Is ascender the preferred brand
Mike R.
Vaterra is actually the brand it's a great one, but so is Losi
vaterra is the first one i looked at right
Mike R.
Yes the slickrock is made by Vaterra
doing a search one sec
Mike R.
what about the halix
Mike R.
Halix is awesome but it's also one of the faster trucks
its more like a traxxas
Mike R.
So how fast do those rock crawlers top out at
Mike R.
They're pretty slow about 8-10 mph. They're meant for very slow rock and trail riding
Were you looking for something a little faster?
is there a hybrid
between the two
Mike R.
These are a great entry level truck, will do about 20 and come ready to run
seems like the rock crawlers can go more places and in most cases your not going to be gunning it unless you've got a real open area or your at a track
Mike R.
Well yes the crawlers and scale trucks have 4WD transmissions and totally different driving styles
I like the tank concept of climbing thru anything
Mike R.
Yeah I like the scale stuff a lot too
tons of torque
twin hammers more about speed also
it looks like it might be a cross over between both
Mike R.
Twin hammers is a hybrid of a crawler and a buggy, so it has the rear end solid axle like a crawler with the 4 link suspension, and then the front is like a standard truck or buggy, pretty sweet
will do about 20 stock
And if you get this one it comes with a Spektrum DX4 radio which is great upgraded radio, and also a 2 speed transmission option
You can shift gears on the fly
so between that one and the night crawler
Mike R.
I'd go with the Hammers
has more options
ok thanks for your help have a great night
Mike R.
You're welcome! You as well