How fast does the 110 AMP MT 2WD Monster Truck go?

Joseph C.
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Joseph C.
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how fast does this car go the 110 amp mt 2wd monster truck rtr blackgreen
Joseph C.
Approx 30 mph with 7 cell battery
25 mph out of the box with 6 cell battery
why should i buy a losi and not a traxxas
Joseph C.
I feel that LOSI makes a better product and has better support from Horizon rather than Traxxas
but traxxas sells the battery with the car why doesnt losi
Joseph C.
Which Losi?
the losi ten mt
Joseph C.
I believe Losi wants you to choose your battery option instead of providing you with one
i see it as a way for them wanting to make more money that why ive been on the edge on whether buying from traxxas or losi
Joseph C.
I understand. Though when I bought my first truck, a Vaterra, I like having that option, instead of a battery I really probably wouldn't run in the truck anyway