Does the Ten-SCBE 4ED RTR come with a battery, charger, and a controller?

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 28, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an R/C good time ?
Hi um i was wondering if the Ten-SCBE 4WD RTR with AVC comes with a battery and a charger and a controller
Michael D.
Controller YES, you will need an additional battery and charger with it
Has anyone ever complained about getting anything stuck in the pinion gear
Michael D.
Not that i have heard or been made aware of
Does the rubber slip off of the colored rims when it drifts or glides
Michael D.
no it does not , it is secure
My friend bought one and the rubber kept on slipping off of the colored rim
Michael D.
you should always check the glue in pre run check up
ok. Thank you for your time
Michael D.
you got it ! Anything else i can assist with ?
No thats it. Thank you
Michael D.
have a good night
you too