Can rc cars run on lipo batteries?

Joseph C.
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Shopper conversation with Joseph C. on June 28, 2016

Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
Wanna buy a truck but no sure what 2get...have an old gas team associated truck but wanna go elec. Now
Joseph C.
Ok - Many great choices depending on budget. What are we aiming for?
Well i have planes that run lipo batteries.can i run these in cars?
Joseph C.
Yes and no - Although they will work, surface batteries have a hard case to protect the batteries from all the bumps and bashing
I want somethin thats is quality and i wont get tired of cuz its 2 slow..just been out of it so long idk what is good and isnt
Joseph C.
OK - I will show you a few - Losi is a great brand to look at
This is high end - RTR -
I remember them bein good back in the day
Joseph C.
Yes - That one is an excellent model!
I also dont know if i want a stadium truck not.
Joseph C.
OK - This is what I have and love it!! -
With this, you would just need battery and charger in addition!
Do you have a list of losi dealers in ohio? Or can u only order online?
Joseph C.
Either!! Click here -
What are some more advanced level trucks?
I think i prefer something brushless also
Joseph C.
In Electric, the 1/8 -
Nothing in truck?
Joseph C.
Losi 1/18 truck also -
Think xmaxx is where i have been leaning just not sure i wanna pony up that much...thx for help
That losi could also b an option...time to do homework, thx again!
Joseph C.
YOu are welcome!!