Batteries for 118 Ruckus 4WD Monster Truck RTR

Cory N.
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Shopper conversation with Cory N. on June 15, 2016

Cory N.
Hi there! How can I help?
We recently bought 2 of the Ruckus type models. I want to get more battery packs so we can play longer. The ones that came with it only last about 20 min. Which ones are compatible?
Are these the right ones?1200mAh 7.2V NiMH Battery Long with EC3: Minis (DYN1473)
Cory N.
Yes that is correct!
should they last longer as they are 1200 mAh vs. 900?
what is the recharge time?
Cory N.
Around 20 min
And yes they will last longer. about another 2min.
would you recommend another type? or is this only one?
Cory N.
I would actually recommend this one first.
I see a 1750mAh ones on Amazon. thoughts?
Cory N.
Those would require a bit of modification to fit but they will!
I don't want to modify. plug and play for now.
I have Amazon Prime, but would like to order through you if possible. Any way you can offer free 2-day shipping?
Cory N.
Not free but we do offer it. However, ordering through Horizon gets you product protection if the battery arrives dead.
Thanks for all your advice!
Cory N.
No problem!
oh forgot something. Is there a car charging device to use with these batteries?
Cory N.
Yes! Just a sec.
Oh sorry it is only for LiPos.
ok thx! have a good one.
Cory N.
No problem! Take care.