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Michael H.
RC Expert

Flying is my passion! Over 10yrs flying full scale, and over 2 yrs flying RC!


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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on June 14, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What great RC fun can I help you shop for today?
hello, I'm looking for a fast, kinda large like a 1/10
Michael H.
onroad or offroad?
both, mostly off.
Michael H.
just in grass; no jumps or anything to crazy.
Michael H.
SCT brushless
and my price range is tight though. from $250-150
Michael H.
one moment
i really like that one, but it's way over budget.
Michael H.
what brand is that?
Michael H.
Michael H.
also Traxxas
how large are these? 1/?
Michael H.
these are both 1/10 scale
holy crap...exuse my langague
thats an unbeatable price for both.
Michael H.
Any other questions I can answer for you today?
which one would you suggest more?
Michael H.
I'd go with the slash myself
i need it to be very durable, fast, can take off roading, waterproff, and that lasts longer...which one has more of these?
Michael H.
all our trucks are waterproof, durable, the fast I'm not really sure of, I don't run surface vehicles myself
i'm gonna go with the slash...is this the one w/ on board adio?
Michael H.
let me check
Michael H.
I don't see that listed in the specs
ok..thats fine...thx again!
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!